NEXT Thursday, October 24, voters in Powys County Council’s Llandrindod North ward, will be going to the polls.

They will be electing a new councillor to represent them.

This follows the resignation of Gary Price, who stepped down from the role in late August, triggering the by-election.

Voters have three candidates to choose from – Jake Berriman (Liberal Democrat), Rosie McConnell (Labour) and Tom Turner (Conservative)

The Local Democracy Services has spoken to all three.

Jake Berriman – Liberal Democrat

“What sets me apart from my other candidates is experience and knowledge, plain and simple.

“What Powys needs right now is an injection of know how from people who understand local government, how to run big business, and the operation of customer facing services from the inside out.

“What the residents of Llandrindod North deserve right now is a local councillor who will listen carefully, act decisively and work tirelessly for the whole community without fear or favour.

“I would be a strong and effective representative voice for local people struggling to be heard by an increasingly inward looking council.

“Over 27 years in local government I have gained a breadth of knowledge running services such as planning, environmental services (including waste collection, street cleaning and parking) health and leisure.

“I have run a large, developing housing association for five years and, recently retired I have the time energy and willingness to make good things happen.

“During my campaign I have not been making hollow promises, I have been leading by example, actively cleaning up the ward, addressing issues raised on the doorstep, not afraid of hard work and getting my hands dirty.

“The results speak for themselves.

“Whether elected or not I will have left the town a better place.”


Rosie McConnell – Labour

“Living, working, volunteering and campaigning in Llandrindod has given me a clear understanding of local priorities.

“My daughters have grown up in local schools so I know first hand the effects of budget cuts in education.

“As a county councillor, I will champion local projects, support and celebrate small businesses, and build on the community spirit here to help make Llandrindod a thriving, safe and happy town that we can all be proud of.

“I’m a life-long advocate for public services and those who work in them.

“I’m self-employed with a background in education and a long record of running community projects and campaigning on the issues that affect people’s lives, such as funding for education, libraries, sports and recreation facilities, public transport and social care services.

“Alongside local issues, I am keen to collaborate with other councillors, our MP and AMs to demand that Wales gets the funding we so need and deserve.”

“We need compassionate councillors with vision and courage who are prepared to stand up for the people of Powys and ensure that we are getting good value for our council tax.

“I believe in common sense, kindness and respect, and will prioritise the well-being of people and our planet.”


Tom Turner – Conservative

“I am the Conservative candidate for the Llandrindod North by- election.

“I am a paramedic with the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust based in Llandrindod Wells.

“I live with my partner Rachel, a nurse, and also our two children. I attended local schools and then went to Swansea University.

When I’m not working as a paramedic I enjoy walking and spending time with my family.

“I also do some charity work in the form of St John Ambulance and I am the Chairman of Cymryd Rhan (Taking Part).

“From 2012 to 2017 I served as a county councillor in Llandrindod South.

“In that time I worked with local residents on issues such as streetlighting, parking and planning.

“I should very much like the opportunity to serve Llandrindod Wells once again come October 24.

“I want to work for residents on local issues such as freezing council tax, improving the education department and thus our local schools, protecting resident parking and making Llandrindod an enjoyable, thriving and prosperous community to live in for young families, like my own; but also a pleasant place to retire.

“I am very concerned with the state of adult social care in Powys; I want to see a change in strategy and put control back in the hands of residents who need care.”