Labour’s candidate for Montgomeryshire at the next General Election will be Kait Duerden, of Cefn Coch.

She was announced by the constituency party at the same time as it launched an appeal for a "green and fair land".

Ms Duerden said: “In our programme for economic fairness, we want to see an end to austerity and to Universal Credit and the poverty, deprivation and loss of public amenities they bring with them. The local food banks and their volunteers do a fantastic job but we should not have families who are dependent on them in the first place.

"We must address the burden that Universal Credit is placing on families. I am just as concerned about the prevalence of misuse of zero hours contracts in local employment and employers who force workers to do job related training at their own expense."

She said the party will be consulting on a creative programme for improving high streets, which aims to make people want to stop, stay over and spend money; encouraging tourism, helping business and creating jobs.

Ms Duerden added: "Above all we must ensure that we keep a vibrant high street and help small businesses to stay there and thrive.

“There is a real need to build a better economy in Montgomeryshire, exploit Welsh Government’s investment in broadband to create new industries, promote tourism and create well paid jobs which mean that young people can stay in Montgomeryshire, make a decent living and raise their children here, instead of moving away as many do.”

County Times:

Ms Duerden has also been campaigning for the free TV licence to be restored to all people over 75.

She said: “I know from talking to people locally that the free TV licence is something that is highly valued and a lifeline for many. It should continue to be free for all over 75”.

The Labour Party in Montgomeryshire said it has led the charge within Welsh Labour to ensure the Welsh Government declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and was one of the constituencies that led the debate on the 'Green New Deal' at Labour Party Conference 2019.

Ms Duerden said: “Climate Emergency is the single biggest challenge facing human kind and we have an obligation to the generations who come after us to act now to ensure we have a viable planet and a beautiful and biodiverse Wales to hand on to them. Young people like Greta Thunberg and those in our own communities are leading the way. We must all do our part.

"In Montgomeryshire we recognise we need to focus education on fair, sustainable and healthy living. Wales can and should lead the way in responding to climate change.

“I look forward to meeting as many people as possible and listening to their concerns and their ideas for an even greener, fairer Montgomeryshire.”