McDonald's is looking to open a drive-through restaurant on the outskirts of Welshpool; a development which would be first of its kind for the town.

If Powys County Council give the plans the go-ahead, the restaurant hopes to open up next year, creating 65 jobs for local people; 30 full-time and 35 part-time.

Provisional planning permission for a fast-food restaurant on the Buttington roundabout was submitted at the end of March. However, it wasn't until the end of last week, when full planning permission was submitted, that it was confirmed that the American fast food chain is behind the plans.

"The site represents an appropriate location for a drive-through restaurant, which will be well placed to offer refreshments to passing customers and those in the surrounding area," McDonald's said.

The application is for a freestanding restaurant with a drive-through facility, car parking, landscaping and related works including customer order displays.

McDonald's say that ideally, the restaurant will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and that peak periods are usually lunchtimes, followed by evenings and breakfasts.

Welshpool Town Council objected to provisional plans for a drive through restaurant on another side of the roundabout back in April for a number of reasons; including the fact that school children would have to cross a busy road to access it. The town council will consider this full application in the upcoming weeks, as well the county council; who will have the final say.

Online, County Times readers have had mixed reactions. Dave Sey, commenting on Facebook, said that it was "about time" as there is nowhere to stop between Oswestry and Newtown, and that it's "great for the area" .

On Twitter, Matt Goodall raised concerns about littering. "There's going to be a tonne more rubbish thrown on the sides of the road," he said. Other people raised concerns about childhood obesity and meat consumption, although McDonald's has said it is "committed to supporting its customers to make dietary choices that are right for them" and that it has has "provided customers with a range of different ways to find out more about its food".

Kerie Palin Chapman said on Facebook: "Everyone is moaning about it, no one is thinking of the jobs. As for the rubbish, it won't be as bad a the high street on a Sunday morning from the rubbish from the takeaways. Adults and kids are fat anyway. Their choice. People are always moaning in this town need to move with the times."