NEWTOWN is to get its very own ‘escape room’ experience.

Beyond Breakout is the creation of locals Lorna Morris and Jo Woodall embarking on a new challenge. Lorna worked in marketing and events for nearly 20 years and has always been keen on a puzzle. Jo is a teacher and experienced team building workshop leader with a naturally inquisitive mind.

Lorna said: “We played our first game a couple of years ago and were hooked. Since then we have designed and built four successful games in Mid Wales for other people but have taken the decision to start up on our own. We couldn’t think of anywhere better suited than Newtown and the iconic Pryce Jones Building to launch our vision.

“The growing popularity of escape rooms provides an opportunity to give Newtown a new attraction for all ages and bring new visitors and revenue to the town.

“Beyond Breakout has fun at the centre of everything we do and will be totally family friendly. We believe escape games are the perfect way to reconnect people through laughter and a sense of achievement. All our games are unique to us and designed from our twisted imaginations.”

Breakout rooms are real life games where you and a group of friends or colleagues will be locked in a room and given an hour to escape. Solve the puzzles, find the clues and work out the solutions in your bid for freedom. Laugh together while you work as a team.

Do you really know who is calm under pressure or a natural born leader in your team? Who hides their light and who is your hidden gem? What hidden talents and skills do your workmates and friends have? Team building sessions are guaranteed to improve your team’s relationship.

Lorna added: “One of the challenges facing schools today is funding and engaging pupils of all abilities. Beyond The Classroom takes Breakout games centred around science and history into schools. We aim to encourage pupils to immerse themselves in solving puzzles and to create a memorable, fun learning experience.”

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