MONTGOMERYSHIRE'S MP has hit back at criticism of controversial TV comedian Jim Davidson's invite to a local Conservative members function.

The Liberal Democrats prospective Parliamentary candidate Kishan Devani says he is appalled that the Conservatives hosted the stand-up comic at an event at Maesmawr Hall in Caersws on October 4.

Mr Davidson was a huge star in the 1990's when hosting Saturday evening favourites Big Break and The Generation Game.

But he has become dogged by controversy in later years with jokes about women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals and disabled people seen as politically incorrect - although he has denied accusations of prejudice.

Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies, Russell George AM and the Conservatives parliamentary candidate for the next election, Craig Williams, were all in attendance at the event.

Lib Dems candidate Mr Devani, a former Conservative who left the party 18 months ago, said: "I am surprised and horrified that the Conservatives would invite such a divisive character.

"Are these the type of people they want to be associated with? That is the sort of person that led me to leave the party.

"I'm saddened hat they would invite someone like that. It is difficult for me to comprehend."

But current Montgomeryshire MP Mr Davies, who is to stand down ahead of the next General Election, told the County Times that although Jim Davidson is not to everyone's taste, he tailored his act to the audience and caused no offence on the night.

Mr Davies said: "I went to the event and quite enjoyed it.

"It's true that Jim Davidson's not to everyone's taste but no-one who was there was forced to go.

"I've seen some complaints from some individuals but those complaining have no idea of what went on. They weren't there.

"It was the first time I've heard him (Jim Davidson) speak and I didn't think it was particularly offensive."

In a post on his Facebook page, Mr Davies said: "He (Jim Davidson) delivers to order and tonight he kept himself in check because it was a mixed audience. Could have had a table full of vicars there and they wouldn’t have been offended.

"He does great work for veterans charities, and is a good supporter of the party - all for free. Not sure he was 100 per cent politically correct but near enough for me. Hence forward and forever a friend of Montgomeryshire Conservatives."