A WELSHPOOL man received a suspended sentence after breaching the conditions of a sexual harm prevention order.

Brian Anthony Bowen, aged 28 and of The Willows, appeared before Mold Crown Court on Thursday afternoon.

He had previously been convicted of two offences relating to the breach of a sexual harm prevention order, in that he had failed to make a mobile phone available to police and he had deleted the internet browsing history on the device.

County Times:

The order, it was explained during the hearing, had been imposed by the Mold Court following two offences dealt with in 2017, in which Bowen had attempted to incite children under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity.

Its restrictions prohibited him from owning a computer or other electronic device capable of accessing the internet unless he made it available to police upon request. It also prohibited him from deleting the browsing history on any such device.

The court heard how in November last year, police officers had asked him whether he was in possession of a phone – to which he said no.

Some days later, officers called a number they had obtained and Bowen answered, confirming his identity.

The phone was subsequently seized and forensically examined.

Bowen admitted he had panicked and lied when questioned about the phone, the hearing was told.

Following the examination of the phone, it was concluded he had altered the device’s browsing history as tabs which had been left open in a browsing app had not shown up on the history.

Judge Niclas Parry told Bowen: “Orders are not made for the sake of it, they are made to protect the public.

“In this age, where contact can be other than face to face the only way the police can monitor the situation is to have access to mobile phones when required.

“Quite deliberately, you have breached the order and went a step further and were hiding the use you were making on the device you should not have had.

“It is a serious matter, but things have changed. You have had the benefit of properly complying so far as you have been able with the order this court imposed and it seems to be having a good effect.

“For that reason, the harm is reduced.”

He told Bowen the breached had to be “marked with a custodial sentence,” and handed him three month custodial sentences for each offence to run concurrently – but suspended them for 12 months.

Judge Parry ordered Bowen to undergo a 10 day rehabilitation activity requirement.

He said: “I think you’ve learned your lesson and now have the tools to understand these orders. Don’t do it again.

“It is straight forward. Tell the police you have a phone and you can get on with your life using phones. Use them legally.”

Bowen must also pay a surcharge of £115. An order was also made for the forfeiture and destruction of the phone.