A PLANNING application to build a two storey three bedroom house on land north of Clatterbrune in Presteigne has been given the green light.

Due to local opposition, the application had been called in front of Powys County Council’s (PCC) planning committee by local member and council chairperson Cllr Beverley Baynham.

Concerns had been raised about height which could affect the privacy and light of neighbouring properties.

At the meeting Cllr Baynham (Independent) said: “There are a number of reasons why I asked to address you, including the objection by the community council, the number of objections from local residents and the size and scale of the proposal and the way the application has been handled by the planning department.

“On the planning portal it states there have been no objections from the public, I have received eight objections which I can evidence.”

Cllr Baynham said that the applicant had started building the house in May and the department was contacted to take enforcement action.

The work stopped in August with the applicant telling Cllr Baynham that there had been no contact from the planning department until August 1.

A couple of weeks earlier Cllr Baynham had been sent an email from the department telling her that the landowners had been told that the work was unauthorised.

“Somewhere something is not quite right,” said Cllr Baynham.

She believed that the application should be deferred so that more clarity could be found.

Judy Charlton from the Clatterbrune estate which borders the land told the committee that the site map used for the plans was incorrect.

She said that footprint of her house had changed due to an extension 40 years ago, and that the development would be overlooking her bedroom and bathroom.

“A site visit would show this,” said Mrs Charlton.

Agent for the developer Andrew Carr said: “There has been some confusion about the development.”

“We have worked extensively with the planning officer to address the concerns raised by the public and consultees.

“The original orientation was north this meant we had windows looking south at  a bungalow.

“In consultation with the planning officer the proposal was rotated 90 degrees so that it’s now east/west.

“There are no windows now looking at the property.”

He also pointed out that the the size of the house would be smaller than what had been allowed permission in a previous outline planning application at the site for a previous landowner.

Cllr Huw Williams, (Labour, Ystradgynlais): “I can remember this coming before us, I understand the concerns but I can’t see any material planning reasons for us to turn this down, I am going to recommend that it’s approved.”

The application was passed unanimously.