A Knighton campaigner has been arrested at an Extinction Rebellion (XR) climate change protest in London.

Angie Zelter, 68, and 22 protesters were arrested after blocking Victoria Embankment with a car and by attaching themselves to a mock Trident missile.

Police arrested the group on Monday morning (October 7) outside the Ministry of Defence (MOD) buildings.

Ms Zelter said: “Climate change causes war and war causes climate change.

"As the climate crisis gains pace there will be increasing tension. If countries continue to resort to war as a means of solving conflict we will not be able to avert climate crisis.”

Mid Powys protesters Leya Ostell, from Presteigne, and John and Vanessa, from Llangunllo, were also arrested with XR Peace in London.

Ms Zelter, a Trident Ploughshares member, organised one of the 10 to 15 blockades planned as part of the ‘Autumn Rebellion’.

As protests got under way in the capital, police were seen cutting two Extinction Rebellion protesters out of a car blocking off Victoria Embankment.

The protests are targeting the heart of Government, as part of an "international rebellion" around the world, with plans to shut the streets into Westminster including Trafalgar Square and Lambeth Bridge.

Protests will also be held outside Government departments, calling on them to outline what their plans are to tackle the climate emergency, along with processions, marches and a sit-in at City Airport.