After school last Friday, September 27, Llanbister Primary School held an open afternoon to celebrate the official opening of its new Green Open Space.

Three Year 9 pupils from Ysgol Calon Cymru came back to the school to officially open the site as it was their work on the school council that started the ball rolling and requested that they saw the work through to its end. They are Troy Watson, Cai Samuel and Evan Hughes.

Now after two years of work the school is happy to say that it has a green space for the school to use. It is leased from local farmer Vincent Williams and the costs of the project were met by the local Teme Ithon Action Group sponsorship group together with local helpers who worked on fencing and preparation of the area.

At the same time the school also celebrated putting in place the front covered area that received a local windfarm sponsorship grant which has been supported by the school fundraisers and school funds. All projects that are developing the outdoor provision at Llanbister Primary School are helping it on its journey preparing for the new curriculum.

During the afternoon celebrations there was a bar and barbecue as well as stalls run by the school to celebrate its continued growth. The school has gone from 31 pupils to 60 in the last few years and it looks forward to continuing to grow with the community in Llanbister.

The headmaster Mark Hulin Taylor said: “All at Llanbister Primary School wish to thank the authority and our challenge advisors, Hayley Smith and Huw Rees, as well as the local communities, the councils, our school neighbours, parents and friends of the school.”

He went on to thank the pupils for their continued enthusiasm and hard work at the school to push themselves forward.

Pictured above are the three former pupils and current pupils Lewis Bannett, Spencer Samuel and Harrison Powell. These included County Councillor Rachel Powell, plus local Community Councillors James Powell, Stephen Gealy, Wayne Bowen and Tracy Lewis. Also in the photograph are the landowner Vince Williams, Lorna Williams and the head teacher Mark Hulin Taylor.