The former mayor of Llandrindod Wells, Jon Williams, plans to take legal action against the town council.

This comes after he was cleared by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, after Llandrindod Wells Town Council reported him for allegedly breaching its Code of Conduct.

The Ombudsman said that “there was no evidence of a breach of the Code of Conduct in respect of some aspects of the complaint and that no action needed to be taken in respect of the remaining matters investigated.”

The County Times has been told that specific details of the complaint made by the Town Council are not being made public as a result of possible legal action being taken by Mr Williams and that the 23-page report needs to be formally recorded in the Ombudsman’s logbook.

Mr Williams, who is also a Powys County Councillor, resigned as both mayor and a town councillor for Llandrindod Wells at the end of March.

He said that 18 months ago, he complained to the Town Council about “wrongdoing” he had discovered. He said that shortly after, a complaint was made to the Ombudsman against him for allegedly breaking the Code of Conduct.

“I had informed the Ombudsman from the start that the accusations were untrue, and I was happy to be investigated,” Mr Williams said.

“Needless to say the past 12 months have been extremely stressful for my family and I, having been forced to leave a position that I have loved doing and having my good reputation dragged through the mud.

“It has affected my self-confidence when in public and made me question whether I can continue in the public eye. However, with the support of my family and friends, its been pointed out that I had done nothing wrong.

“I would like to thank the many people and organisations who have supported me through this stressful time, even though they didn’t know the full story, and especially my family who have been through the same stress as myself.”

The current mayor, Cllr Steve Deeks-D’Silva, said: “Regarding County Cllr Jon Williams’ statement, I cannot go into any detail as I am still in discussion with the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales regarding their findings.”