The failure of the holiday firm Thomas Cook has left thousands of people across the globe in uncertainty about their flights home; including two town councillors from Powys.

Kelly Healy, a town councillor in Newtown, is in Florida, and Dai Davies, a Rhayader Town Councillor, is in Cyprus.

Councillor in 'limbo' in Cyrus

County Times:

Dai Davies had already flown out to Cyprus before the company went under, but his flight back home isn’t until Saturday, October 5. Now, it’s just a waiting game to see whether his flight is being replaced, or if he’ll have to arrange one himself.

“I don’t really know what’s happening. They may bring the flight forward, they may cancel it,” Dai said.

He said that some flights are going back to different UK airports, and that he may not be able to fly back to Manchester, where he flew out of on September 14.

All Dai can do is check online every day to see the status of his flight.

“More importantly people have lost their jobs, I feel for them. We’re going home to our jobs, we’re just in limbo. It’s a lot worse for them,” he said.

Trip back from Florida up in the air for councillor

County Times:

A Newtown Town Councillor’s journey home from Florida has been left up in the air after the collapse of the company.

Kelly Healy, who also runs the charity Kelly’s Kat Rescue, uses Thomas Cook to fly to the states every year, and says it’s a “shame” the company has gone under.

Kelly is due to fly back to the UK this Monday, October 30. However, she seems confident that she’ll be able to make her way home. “I don’t think I’m going to be stranded. It’s all very organised. I check the website every day for the next flights, and most flights have gone out at the same time,” she said.

Kelly said: “We have been really lucky. I’ve heard other people are having to move out of their accommodation. We’ve been quiet about it, we’ve not asked. We’ll just find out when we leave. It wouldn’t be a bad place to be stuck anyway!”

“For us, it’s just the unknown. It’s just not knowing. But we’re quite laid back with it,” Kelly added.