A PARLIAMENTARY candidate for the Liberal Democrats says a 'no deal' Brexit would be 'devastating' for Montgomeryshire.

Kishan Devani, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Montgomeryshire attended a briefing by the National Farmers Union at Welshpool Livestock Market on the implications of a 'No Deal' Brexit for the farming community.

He said: "'No Deal' is devastating for Montgomeryshire farmers and our entire community - we must stop it and save Montgomeryshire from the reckless Conservatives.

"'No Deal' will be devastating for Montgomeryshire farmers as they face 40 per cent tariffs, and possibly more, on the export of sheep to Europe while being undercut by goods from elsewhere in the world in low or even zero tariffs..

"Farmers are dismayed that the Conservative Government are risking their livelihoods by planning a 'No Deal' Brexit. It is vital that we stand up for the farming community in Montgomeryshire."

Mr Devani is also supporting the NFU’s call for the current consultation by the Welsh Government on the future of farming subsidies to be put on hold until the current threat of a no deal Brexit has passed.