THERE is no need to put tree preservation orders on a number of trees near the middle of Newtown

Work on 26 trees, including removing deadwood at The Park and Park Street in Newtown, has been approved by councillors.

The application appeared in front of Powys County Council’s planning committee on Thursday, September 12,  because the the land where the trees are is owned by the council.

Cllr Heulwen Hulme (Independent – Rhiwcynon) asked: “Have the residents been consulted?

“How has this come forward, who identified the need to do this?”

Planning officer, Richard Edwards, said that the application was more to do with the fact that the trees were in a conservation area.

“It’s an assessment of the value of the trees and whether a TPO (tree preservation order) needs to be put on them,” said Mr Edwards.

Following the answer, Cllr Hulme recommended approving the application.

Cllr Hywel Lewis (Independent – Llangunllo) seconded the application and added: “The deadwood needs to be removed in order to prolong the life of the trees.”