PLANNING permission has been given for a farm near Forden to build a slurry lagoon.

The application was made by Powys County Council itself for Y Ddol, which is part of the council’s farm estate and located near the village.

But concerns have been raised by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) on the application as a site of potential archaeological significance is nearby.

“The Grove” is either an Iron Age or Roman settlement and CPAT had asked for a condition to be put on the permission to have a “buffer zone” so that the earthworks is not disturbed.

Planning officer Bryn Pryce said that CPAT would have a “watching brief” on the development.

He said that if anything is found during the development CPAT would be brought in to record it.

Concerns were also raised at the meeting whether enough protection is being given to stop the slurry leaking into the soil.

Cllr Kathryn Silk (Liberal Democrat – Bwlch) asked: “This is a hole in the ground, is it contained? Will it be sealed?

“I’m concerned that this liquid would seep through. Would it affect any potential water supplies?”

Mr Pryce answered: “In this case I don’t think it will be lined I will have confirm that, but it’s because the soil is suitable and will not result in any potential leaching.”

Cllr Linda Corfield (Independent) who represents Forden and has lived there all her life assured Cllr Silk that this was true.

Soil in the area is known to resemble clay and does not drain well.

The application was passed unanimously.