THE Liberal Democrats’ Montgomeryshire parliamentary candidate for the next general election says he would put his constituents first above all else.

Kishan Devani, a former Conservative with a background in education, has been selected by the Lib Dems to contest the seat of outgoing Conservative MP Glyn Davies.

He was chosen at what was described as one of the biggest meetings of Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats for many years, in Welshpool.

Mr Devani says he wants to see more opportunities created to keep Montgomeryshire’s young people in the area, so that they do not feel they have to move away to have a future.

“Young people are flocking out of the area and that hurts me as a former teacher,” he said.

“We need an environment to create jobs and an economy here. I would like to see investment here.

“Every single farmer in Montgomeryshire is an SME (small and medium sized enterprise) and should be recognised as such.

“I’m the son of Ugandan refugees and I know what it’s like to have nothing.”

He added: “It is the job of an MP to lobby for constituents. I’m for tourism, and I have a pro-business agenda.”

With Brexit still unresolved, Mr Devani said he is very clear that a ‘no deal’ scenario would be disastrous for Montgomeryshire, and that any politician backing a Prime Minister who would let that happen would be “incompetent”.

He added: “It would be incompetence to back someone willing to risk ‘no deal’ in an area where a lot of your constituents livelihoods are dependant on the EU’s funding.”

On Mr Devani’s selection, Richard Church, the chair of Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats said: “Kishan will bring huge energy and enthusiasm to the campaign.

“After Jane Dodds’ fantastic win in Brecon and Radnorshire just a month ago we will be targeting Montgomeryshire to bring it back to the Liberal Democrats.”

Former Cardiff North MP Craig Williams, of Llanfair Caereinion, has been selected by the Conservatives to try to succeed Glyn Davies. Plaid Cymru has selected Elwyn Vaughan to fight for the seat, while the Brexit Party has chosen Oliver Lewis.