A LIB DEM ‘Brexitometer’ at the Llanfair and District Show has shown that the majority do not back the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament.

The poll at the Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats tent, tested the locals’ opinion on Brexit matters.

“There was real anger about Boris Johnson’s plan to shut down Parliament,” said Montgomeryshire Lib Dem Chair Richard Church.

“Even Leave voters, who don’t agree with us about Brexit, told us that Parliament should have its say before a No Deal Brexit that wasn’t on the ballot paper in the referendum.”

County Times:

Meanwhile at the Montgomeryshire Conservatives marquee, Tory MP Glyn Davies said Mr Johnsons’s decisiveness had impressed show-goers.

“Last of the big local Montgomeryshire Shows today – the Llanfair Caereinion Show.

“The Tory Marquee was encouragingly busy,” said Mr Davies.

“Very surprisingly, while our TV screens are plastered in faux outrage about the entirely normal process of prorogation of Parliament to bring in a Queen’s Speech, almost everyone I talked to was rather impressed with Boris’s decisiveness.”