POWYS County Council (PCC) has submitted plans to change the use of land near Clyro Castle into a public open space and playground.

Councillors on the planning committee will be discussing the application at the planning committee meeting on Thursday, September 12.

The site, at land South of Castle View, is a field with homes along the north and east and it is also located south of the Clyro conservation area.

The application is being made as the current public open space in the village could be used for house building in the future and needs to be replaced.

The Welsh Government say in their planning policy that having open spaces is vital for health and wellbeing.

Planning officer Rhys Evans said in his report: “The proposed development seeks to create an area of public open space which is by Kilvert View (residential estate) to the north of the site.

“The Fields in Trust standards recommends that provision should be made for 0.25 hectares of designated equipped playing spaces per 1,000 population,

“The proposed site area measures approximately 0.43 hectares with the population of Clyro being 780 people.

“Therefore the proposed development will provide more than the required open space provision within the village.”

The report continues that the agricultural land classification for the field is grade two,

This grading is considered the to be the best and most versatile land for agriculture.

All the surrounding land is grade two which means, according to the report that developing the site would not have any negative effect on farming in the area.

The report adds that the site lies to the east of of Clyro Castle which is a scheduled ancient monument.

Mr Evans said: “CADW have reviewed the Heritage Impact Assessment and agree with the conclusion that the development will not cause any impact upon the monument, but have disagreed with the statement that the development will enhance the monument.

“Despite this,  CADW have confirmed that the proposed development will have a neutral impact upon the setting o the scheduled monument and have raised no objection to the proposed development going ahead.”

Mr Evans adds that he recommends consent and attaches 18 conditions to it.

Clyro Castle Clyro Castle was first mentioned in 1397, but may be much earlier to the 11th century.

It is thought that the castle was used sporadically until the 15th century when it was abandoned.