Members of St John Cymru from across Powys came together for a training exercise at Plasauduon Farm, Clatter, near Caersws, to provide realistic scenarios to first aiders and ambulance crews to help improve both working relationships and develop skills.

The crews were joined by colleagues from Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service crews from Newtown and Llanidloes Stations as well as representation from Welsh Ambulance Service.

The evening consisted of a number of simulated incidents at various locations around the farm, where emergency services were required to utilise their equipment to deal with this incident as if it was real life.

Examples of incidents included a quad bike incident, a workman who had fallen into a pit in the workshop, a shearing incident, a chemical incident as well as a farmer being kicked by a cow. These are all incidents, which could potentially occur on a live working farm.

Sion Breese, divisional officer in charge of Newtown St John Cymru said: "This is the first time we have involved the Fire Service and Welsh Ambulance Service, and feedback was positive and all parties are keen to attend similar training sessions in the future. This type of realistic training exercise is key to the development of all services involved and helps improve communication between services to provide the best patient outcome."