Yoga teacher Elaine Edwards cuts a striking Warrior pose as she marks her 40th year of teaching the lifestyle to the people of Mid Wales.

“I feel very blessed to have taught yoga for so many years and to so many wonderful people,” says Elaine, from Carno.

“I have never stopped teaching in all those 40 years,” adds Elaine who, at 67 years young, is still running classes in Newtown, Welshpool and Carno and has taught it in Aberystwyth.

Elaine’s style of teaching with gentle, good humour with plenty of lifestyle and good eating advice is always popular with her many students.

“Some of my yoga students have been with me for decades, some for 25 years or more,” she adds.

Elaine started on the road to becoming a yoga teacher under the direction of Aldwyn Jones from Bridgend. 

“As well as teaching yoga Aldwyn was a herbalist and said it would take 25 years for yoga to come into its own, which of course it has.

“Yoga is about the union of the mind, body and spirit,” says Elaine.

“It is not a religion, more a philosophy and a way of life that respects other people of any creed or religion.

“There are so many benefits from regular yoga practice, such as stress relief, improving mental strength as well as physical health benefits.

“As humans we are all too quick to be judgmental of others. 

“We need to try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and to try to understand and accept people as they are.

“The more we improve ourselves through practising yoga, the more we can help others and it will help us live in gratitude and to be thankful for what we have now.

“Ultimately, to me, yoga is about being connected with our spiritual source and being the best person we can be,” says Elaine.

Elaine will re-start her yoga classes in Welshpool, Newtown, Carno and Caersws from September 9.

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