Glyn Davies, Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, has criticised opposition MPs who are seeking to rule out leaving the EU without a negotiated deal as being hypocritical, and not open about their true objectives.

Speaking on Radio Wales and Post Cynta, Glyn pointed out that it was those who are shouting loudest about ‘No Deal’ today who actually voted against the deal (the Withdrawal Agreement) negotiated by the 28 EU members and former Prime Minister Theresa May, on three separate occasions earlier this year.

Glyn Davies also said that those seeking to make leaving with No Deal illegal are not being open about their intention, which is to renege on the Referendum result, overturn the largest ever vote by the British people and remain in the EU.

Commenting on the position as opposition leaders met to plot tactics, Glyn Davies MP said: “I am heartily tired of listening to politicians trying to find new parliamentary devices to prevent the UK leaving the EU without an agreed deal. It is the height of hypocrisy and in many cases, simply not being open about their true intention.

“I voted for the deal negotiated by the 28 EU member states three times when Theresa May put it before the House of Commons earlier this year. The Conservative Government did all it could to persuade MPs to vote for the Withdrawal Agreement.

"Boris Johnson voted for the Withdrawal Agreement. But those making the public noise about leaving with No Deal today actually voted against it. It was opposition MPs who killed off Theresa May’s proposals to leave with a deal.

“And many of those claiming to be opposed to leaving with No Deal are actually against leaving under any circumstance, ignoring the referendum result and substituting their own opinion for that of the people.

"I have respect for those MPs who have consistently voted against accepting the Referendum result, being open and honest about their position, even if I disagree with them. But I’ve no time at all for those who claim to respect the referendum result, while doing everything they can below the radar to undermine it - not having the courage to say so, hiding behind constant new reasons for delay.

“I personally do not want to leave with No Deal. The Prime Minister does not want to leave with No Deal.

"We both voted for a deal earlier this year. It is those who today are calling for No Deal to be ruled out in law, who created the impasse that Boris Johnson has to deal with. If eventually we leave without a deal, it will be those who refused to vote for the Withdrawal Agreement who will be responsible.

“The People of the UK voted in the EU Referendum to leave. For three years our politics has been totally dominated by the determination of some MPs to ignore the referendum result.

"Their antics are in danger of delivering the worst possible result. This issue must be sorted by October 31st.”