A SCHOOL has been removed from special measures after a follow-up inspection by Estyn.

Brynllywarch Hall School in Kerry was visited by the inspectors in July and was judged to have made progress in relation to recommendations after the most recent core inspection.

The school teaches pupils from the age of eight to 19 who have social, emotional behavioural difficulties and additional learning needs, and was placed in special measures after an Estyn inspection in January 2018.

One of the area's earmarked for improvement was quality of strategic leadership and improvement planning, and according to the Estyn inspectors report, "signifcant progress" has been made.

It states: "Since the core inspection, the school has taken highly effective steps to improve the quality of strategic leadership.

"The headteacher has developed a clear vision for the school, based on the principle of ‘high expectations through challenge for all and by all’."

Another area the school has made swift progress in is the quality of the teaching.

"The school has made extremely strong progress in addressing this recommendation", the report states.

"Since the core inspection, following valuable professional learning activities, the quality of teaching across the school has improved significantly.

"This improvement has impacted positively on pupils’ learning and behaviour. For example, a strength of the school is teachers’ planning and the way that they listen to pupils who are

growing in confidence about how they can influence their own learning.

"Nearly all teachers plan highly motivating lessons that focus on pupils’ interests and promote their engagement in learning. As a result, most pupils engage well throughout lessons, listen carefully and contribute confidently when answering and asking questions of staff and each other."

The report finds that pupil behaviour has also improved and that shortcomings in health and safety procedures have also been addressed.

It concludes: "Staff and pupils now feel a sense of pride towards the school building and the grounds.

"For example, pupils help the caretaker to collect leaves and debris from the yard and footpaths. Older pupils also undertake basic maintenance such as painting and gardening activities as part of their land-based studies and construction courses."