MONTGOMERY Energy Group (MEG) entered a prize-winning float with a difference in this year’s carnival at Montgomery Show. In contrast to the other fossil-fuel powered floats, the MEG float was powered by three Brownies and two Guides from Montgomery.

“Our mini carnival float was, quite literally, moved by girl power!” said Anthea Wilson, one of the float’s creators.

On the float was a model eco-house, featuring high- and low-tech ways that you can save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your household (and of course therefore also save money in the long term).

Features showcased included roof, wall and floor insulation; a ground source heat pump with heat collector coils in the garden and under-floor heating; solar PV (photovoltaic) panels plus some battery storage so that the power can be used after dark; solar hot water panels and an ultra insulated hot water storage tank; samples showing the differences between secondary glazing, double glazing and triple glazing; a smart meter; and low-carbon transport (a bike).

There was even a miniature garden complete with lawn, pond and compost heap. 

 Recycling was of course in evidence, with advice on what to put in which of the eco-house’s miniature bins – MEG also organises and manages the full-size recycling bins at the show and other local events.

“Having seen that you can create a fabulous float without needing a diesel engine, we hope to see more next year,” said Jeremy Thorp of MEG.

n If you want to find out more about how to make your house more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly (or indeed how to build a climate-friendly float!), do get in touch via the Montgomery Energy Group facebook page or