A LLANDRINDOD Wells man’s petition to get his 101-year-old father honoured for his role in World War II is about to come to a close, and needs to reach 10,000 signatures for the government to respond.

A retired army officer Lt Col Trevor Powell, from Betws Diserth, has been campaigning for his father, Hugh Powell, and the World War Two soldiers who served alongside him, to be honoured for serving in the British Expeditionary Force (BEF).

The BEF is the original name for the British Army in Western Europe.

The force was deployed in defence of France during Nazi Germany’s invasion and took part in some of the most brutal combat during WWII.

Trevor Powell said that his father and other BEM soldiers have not been recognised with a clasp for their 1939 to 1945 Star.

“The issue is that the army don’t like defeats,” Mr Powell said.

The BEF lost 66,426 men: 11,014 killed and died of wounds, 14,074 wounded and 41,338 men missing or taken prisoner.

Mr Powell has set up a petition to draw attention to ask that the former members of the BEF be entitled to receive a clasp for their service.

“It’s not a big issue. It’s just a bit of metal.

“But it’s what it symbolises,” he said.

“They had no idea if they would ever come home again.”

Mr Powell’s father was sent to France in 1939 but contracted meningitis because of poor living conditions and was brought back to the UK just before Dunkirk.

His father would be “very pleased” if he received a clasp with BEF engraved on it.

“He’d be absolutely delighted,” Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell also said that service personnel who went to the defence of France between June 6, 1944 and May 8, 1945, are entitled to an award from the French state but the BEF are not.

The petition to honour the BEF’s role in France in 1939 to 1940 currently has 2,553 signatures at the time of print.

It expires on Tuesday, August 27.

Neil Hamilton, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, said: “We cannot allow these heroes to go unsung, so I urge you all to sign Lt Col Powell’s petition so we may honour the few remaining members of the BEF for their great service to our country.

“This matter transcends politics, and I hope we can all come together to ensure that those who willingly gave so much so we could enjoy the freedoms we now take for granted, are rightly recognised for their sacrifice.”

To sign the petition in support of Lt Col Powell, click here.