When students at Llanfyllin High School went to pick up their GCSE results, they were met by a familiar face featuring a very wet nose and four legs.

There was no 'paws' for thought as most in the school will be more than familiar with Bobby, a Border Collie belonging to Helen Lloyd, who is head of Year 11 at the school, as he is a therapy dog.

Bobby was on hand – or paw – to keep an eye on any pupils who needed support but while most picked up the results they wanted, he was content to play with his ball.

Helen says she was backed by headteacher Dewi Owen, whos predecessor was not convinced of its merits, and she is delighted her rescue dog can do the same for some many pupils who need his help.

"Bobby is 10 and he's a lot of fun," said Helen, who added that featuring in The Tizer is not Bobby's first foray into the media.

"He got fired from his previous work on a farm because he wasn't doing the work.

"I'm a non-teaching member of staff, head of year 11 and the hub. I worked my way up from being a higher level teaching assistant and I've been an inclusion officer.

"I've been bringing Bobby for the last six months It's been great and he's loved by the members of staff and the kids.

"I asked the head if I could do it but it wasn't encouraged. However, we started to see more stories about therapy dogs and there was a professor who showed research into the positive impact of therapy dogs.

"I was able to collect evidence to give to the head and he agreed to let me do it.

"The kids absolutely adore him.

"He's been on S4C and Radio Cymru and the kids interviewed said he provided them with calm and he knows when to lean in and give them support.

"Out facility provides support years seven to 13 and it's for kids who are going through bereavement or just going through a bad time and having a time out.

"Part of what we do is inclusion and I feel that kids left alone don't talk so we use Bobby to go over to them and he just stays with them.

"He just gives them a sense of normality."

Mr Owen, Llanfyllin's headteacher, found time during the results day to have a little 'fuss' over Bobby himself, in-between congratulating pupils and parents alike.

"Bobby has been such a massive help in school," he said.

"Helen brought me the idea and he's been such a success in the school. He's been the best decision we've ever made."