THE owner of the B&B who asked if the Newtown Town Clock chimes could be silenced at night has hit back at online critics.

Tina Lovatt, of Parkers House B&B and Restaurant, said: “There has been a lot of stigma on social media regarding the chiming of the clock and I would like to clarify a few issues.

“The question was raised by myself, as the owner of a local Bed & Breakfast, to see if it was possible for the clock to be silenced from 12am-6am as we had received a substantial amount of complaints from guests who had stayed with us.

“The mechanism needed to silence the clock for the six hours would be at the expense of myself and other businesses facing the same challenges from guests.”

She stressed: “I do NOT wish to have the town clock silenced permanently, to do this would be against my bid to keep the town’s history alive.”

Should the Newtown Clock bells be silenced at night? That was the question posed by a consultation launched by Newtown Town Mayor, Cllr David Selby, which certainly drew a lot of comments on Facebook.

Cllr Selby says he has received reports from nearby bed and breakfast and hotel businesses that the chimes through the night from the Broad Street building is affecting business and could actually be putting people off staying in the town.

The town council placed its own message as the messages grew: “Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council: Listen to Mayor Cllr D Selby explain his consultation about the town clock. Please make your opinion known in the poll.”

The video message can be watched at


At the launch of his consultation, Cllr Selby said: “What I want to find out is do townspeople rely on the bells and do they feel it is integral to Newtown?

“I have not asked the town council to spend a single penny on the project. The equipment needed would cost £2,500 and would have to be paid for by businesses.

“It is a delicate balance between history and supporting the tourist business. Other nearby towns such as Montgomery and Bishops Castle opted to change theirs.”

The town clock has been one of the most iconic sights in Newtown since it was completed in 1900.

n You can read Tina Lovatt’s letter in full on page 10 of this week’s County Times.