MONTGOMERYSHIRE MP Glyn Davies has welcomed this week’s announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that an extra £1.8 billion will be invested into the NHS.

The Conservative MP says the move will see a significant boost in Wales NHS investment available to the Welsh Government, to whom health is a devolved function.

The announcement comes as the first firm commitment by the new Boris Johnson led Government to turbo charge investment into the UK’s public services.

Glyn Davies said: “I welcome the early decision by Boris Johnson to make such a massive commitment to the NHS and to our public services.

"Conservative led Governments have had no choice but to maintain a tight control on public spending since taking over from Labour after the financial crisis of 2008 which brought our country to its knees.

"We asked UK taxpayers and users of public services to help us in this endeavour. The Government has decided it’s now time to commit more cash to our public services – with none so important as the NHS.

“While Boris has no control over how much investment the Welsh Government will make into the Wales NHS, the Barnett Formula means that there will be more budget capacity available to ensure that the new ‘Boris investment’ can apply in Wales as well as England. I very much hope this happens.

“Clearly the most significant challenge facing Boris Johnson is Brexit, and the determination of some MPs to frustrate the clear decision of the people taken three years ago.

"But I realise, and Boris realises this indecision cannot carry on. We must leave on October 31. It’s time to focus on other issues, like the NHS and social care. If current MPs will not vote to agree a deal to leave, there will have to be an election when we can elect MPs with a rather greater respect for democracy.”