CONSERVATIVE Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies, who supported Jeremy Hunt during the recent Conservative Party leadership election, has pledged his full support for Boris Johnson as the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Commenting ahead of Mr Johnson being sworn in as Prime Minister later today (July 24), Glyn Davies MP said: “Boris Johnson has been elected overwhelmingly to serve as our Prime Minister.

"Irrespective of whether we voted for Boris or Jeremy Hunt, it’s the democratic duty of Conservatives to give Boris their full support as he gets to grips with his new role and responsibilities.

"No Prime Minister has taken office in such difficult circumstances since Churchill. For the sake of our United Kingdom, we should give Boris the support and freedom needed to enable him to do the job.

“The margin of his victory in the leadership contest, and the energy and sheer good humour he has injected into politics within his first days as leader bode well for the immediate future.

"But it is only the start. Boris faces a monumental challenge in bringing our country together. I want to help him do just that.”