NEWLY qualified teachers will receive a five per cent pay rise as teachers' pay has been devolved to Wales for the first time.

The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, has today proposed to increase pay for newly qualified school teachers by five per cent from September, as well as an increase of 2.75 per cent for all other school teachers.

The announcement coincides with the publication of the first report of the new Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB), which provided recommendations for teachers’ pay and conditions from September 2019, following the devolution of powers over teachers’ pay and conditions last year.

The IWPRB recommended that all statutory pay ranges and allowances be increased by 2.4 per cent. In her response, the Minister has proposed a higher pay rise for most teachers, of 2.75 per cent.

The Minister has proposed accepting the Review Body’s recommendation to uplift the minimum pay point on the teachers’ main pay range by five per cent.

The pay increases will be subject to an eight week stakeholder consultation.

Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, said: “I want to continue to promote teaching as a profession of choice for graduates and career changers. That’s why we’re proposing an uplift to the minimum pay point for teachers by 5 per cent, which will help us continue to attract high quality teachers to the profession.

“As this year we are using our devolved responsibilities for the first time, I am also proposing a 2.75 per cent pay rise for all school teachers in Wales from September.

“This will have a positive effect on ensuring we continue to attract high quality teachers to the profession in Wales, alongside our reforms to professional learning, the curriculum and teacher training.”

• 5 per cent increase to the minimum pay for teachers

• 2.75 per cent increase for all teachers in Wales.

• From 1 September, but teachers will receive pay backdated in autumn.