A SCRUTINY committee wants to become a “critical friend” of Powys Public Service Board (PSB).

This was a commitment made by the PSB scrutiny committee which met at Rhayader Fire Station, on Thursday, July 18.

They will be trying make sure that the PSB Board does not waver from well being targets they have set for the county to achieve by 2040.

Committee chairman, station manager Neil Evans, of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said that keeping 2040 in mind should be their focus.

Other consideration such as political expediency or short and medium term business plans should be set aside.

Mr Evans said: “I’m  a big fan of not making this PCC (Powys County Council) centric and I think they will appreciate that as well.

“I want a good healthy relationship as that critical friend. We all want these outcomes but we need a bit of clarity on some of them.

“Are we looking that far ahead to 2040? Not the elections or three or five year business plan.

“Whatever plans we have they need to have that golden thread coming through.”

Mr Evans said that the fire service already thinks about the future well being act in all the strategic and delivery plans that it makes.

“We need to think about how it all links in to the well being plan,” said Mr Evans.

School governor and vice-chair of PCC’s Learning and Skills Scrutiny Committee, Angela Davies, added: “Whatever policies, actions or procedures are put in place they carry on.

“Over that period of time they (staff) won’t be there.

“We won’t be here, but it needs to be gong in the same direction because this commitment has been made to 2040.

“So you can’t say we get to 2030 all these people have left and we’ll go in this direction. This happens and awful lot.”

PSBs have been set up in Wales under the 2015 Well Being of Future Generations Act.

They are made up of representatives from local authority, health board, fire and rescue authority and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

Representatives of the Police, Welsh Government and volunteer groups could also be invited to be part of meetings.

The idea is that PSBs are supposed to improve joint working across all public services in each local authority area in Wales.

The annual report by the PSB was due to be launched at the Royal Welsh Show next week (July 22-25).

But due to the Brecon and Radnor by-election that takes place on August 1, the activities of PCC at the Royal Welsh Show have been scaled down for fear that they give a candidate in the by-election an advantage.

The report – which is in the form of 12 steps  has been made in video clip form and will be uploaded online soon.

The topics include education, carbon positive strategy, branding for Powys and improving emotional health, each one has been passed to a board member to conventrate on.

In Powys the future well being plan is called “Towards 2040” and it has four identified objectives.

People will experience a stable and thriving economy

People will enjoy a sustainable and productive environment.

People will be healthy, socially motivated and responsible

People will be connected by strong communities and a vibrant culture