THE bells on a town clock could fall silent at night in a bid to help boost tourism.

Newtown Town Mayor, Cllr David Selby is to launch a consultation this week about whether the town clock should be silenced for most of the night.

He says he has received reports from nearby bed and breakfast and hotel businesses that the chimes through the night from the Broad Street building is affecting business and could be putting people off staying in the town.

The town clock has been one of the most iconic sights in Newtown since it was completed in 1900, but its chimes could be quietened overnight if that is what residents want.

Cllr Selby said: "I have been contacted by local businesses who have B&B and hotel premises in the town, saying that the loud sound of the bells at night keeps their visitors awake, and there is a danger that business and tourism is being affected.

"Other towns around Newtown have taken action to stop their clock bells striking throughout the night and am asking Newtown residents for their views."

He added: "Tourism is of increasing importance to our town and we should do everything we can to assist. I am asking local businesses to contribute towards the cost of the new mechanism to allow the clock striking times to be controlled.

"From reviews left by visitors it is clear that the sound of the clock striking every quarter hour does disturb sleep.

"My proposal is that the clock bells be silenced between midnight and 7am every night. Please let me have your views."

If you have any views on whether the Newtown town clock should not chime between the hours of 12pm and 7am, you can let us know what you think by emailing