FOUR men charged with a conspiracy alleged to involve stolen vehicles were remanded in custody on Friday.

The case against the defendants, who followed the proceedings with the aid of a Lithuanian interpreter, was sent to Mold Crown Court where they will appear on August 2.

Valdas Andrijauskis, 32; Egidjius Kerutis, 44; Zilvanas Staneyvicius, 18 and Paulinus Marcinkevius, 26, are charged with being involved in a conspiracy at Guilsfield, Powys, on July 2.

It is alleged that they conspired to dishonestly receive stolen goods, motor vehicles, documentation and car parts.

Prosecutor Wyn Jones alleged at North East Wales Magistrates' Court at Mold that it was organised crime activity.

They had been arrested near Welshpool where it was alleged that a number of stolen vehicles had been dismantled, he said.

The four appeared two by two, there were no bail applications, and they were remanded in custody pending their crown court appearance.