A SECONDARY school says cancelling its annual sports day was the "best course of action".

Welshpool High School has confirmed that it will not host the full school sports event this year following a review by the school's Physical Education department.

A county councillor and school governor said that extensive improvement at the school did not start on time meaning that the school is unable to hold the sports day.

Headteacher Jim Toal said it was "unfortunate" not to hold the sports day. He added it would be a one-year cancellation and that it would return next year.

“We normally use Salop Road fields, which we have done for years. But we can’t use the facilities this year for obvious reasons.

“We understand the disappointment but we have made the sensible decision to put it on hold and make sure we get it right.

"I think it’s good leadership and good management," Mr Toal added.

Salop Road playing fields, which is located adjacent to the town's high school, is currently under development for the new Welshpool CIW School.

Building work started in July 2018 but had to be stopped in March after the construction company Dawnus went into administration.

Welshpool High School is set to undergo refurbishment next week and through the summer holidays until November.

Work will carried out on the changing rooms, toilets, and sports facilities such as the tennis courts, redgra, long jump runway, re-leveling of the sports field and drainage.

Mr Toal said the refurbishment will provide a "much better provision" at the school but the collapse of Dawnus has "had a knock-on effect".

"It’s been complicated but I believe we have managed the situation effectively."

Despite parents sharing messages of their frustration about the cancellation on social media, Mr Toal says he has yet to receive one letter or phone call about the decision.

Parents such as Donna Pryce have criticised the decision saying it is "absolutely shocking".

"They go on about kids being overweight but they have not done nothing to help them. They (Powys County Council) should pay for the kids to go to Newtown.

She added: "It’s absolutely shocking. Sport is as important as English and mathematics."

Independent councillor and school governor Graham Breeze said he is concerned about the school's sports facilities.

"Unfortunately work did not start on schedule and I'm told is due this week, meaning the school is unable to hold the Sports Day."

"Not what anyone wants but that's where it's at."