A PLANNING application to build a 32,0000 chicken farm near Llangurig has been submitted to Powys County Council.

And a host of objections on the proposal by A and G Davies, of Blaen Glyn Farm, were made on highway safety grounds during the pre-application consultation held last year.

The Davies propose to build a new pullet rearing 32,000-bird unit. Pullets are hens under a year old that have not started laying eggs yet.

They would be reared on the farm before moving on somewhere else to lay eggs as replacement hens.

The Design and Access (DAS) statement by agents, Roger Parry and Partners, said:  “The birds are brought in and remain in the unit for some 14 to 16 weeks.

“After this time, the flock is removed and the whole building fully cleaned down internally and a new flock introduced to the pullet rearing cycle.”

The DAS ends by saying: “This proposal has significant merit, fits within the policies of the development plan and national planning guidance, and it is respectfully requested that the submitted planning

application be approved.”

But, during a pre-application consultation held during July 2018, the application was objected to due to concerns about the road there.

Martin and Gida Obbard said: “Our main concern is regarding the proposed access road, the C2075, which is not suitable for heavy goods vehicles and it has high verges, single track/very narrow with poor visibility throughout its whole length.

“The C2075 also forms part of the very busy main cycle and walking routes at all times of the year where the tourism board promotes the quiet lanes bringing in people and income to the local economy.”

Wendy Wigley also objected and pointed out that the road is used by cyclists, pony trekkers and while walking she has had to “scramble up the bank for safety”.

Ms Wigley said: “I have no objection to the proposed enterprise but feel the plan to use this narrow, steep road is very wrong.

“Could the the new windfarm road be used instead I wonder? It’s not used daily like the proposed route.”

Llangurig Community Council raised similar issues but also wanted further clarity on the application

The agents answered the pre-application concerns by explaining that the development would create a job for one of the farmer’s sons who is working away from home at the moment.

They added: “A transport assessment has been submitted with the formal submission to explain all the movements.

“The windfarm road cannot be utilised as the applicants have no rights to use this.”