A FORMER Montgomery Mayor has launched a crowd-funding bid to restore signs at the entrance to the town to their former glory.

Simon Bedford has set up a JustGiving page to raise £1,500 to carry out the restoration to the metalwork which has started to look a bit jaded after nearly 20 years.

He said: “We have all been hit with a big council tax raise this year and every pound Montgomery Town Council spend will impact next year’s budget and every household’s pocket, so I thought, why not take this one on through crowd-funding and see if we can give the town a boost without hitting those who may not see the benefit of the new signs. The Town Council have agreed to make a contribution if it’s needed.

"JustGiving is really easy to do: go to justgiving.com and search ‘Montgomery town signs’. Or you can call in to the Dragon Hotel and make a donation at reception.”

Mr Bedford has volunteered to take down the signs and drive them to Buxton, to the company where they were originally cast, and then to collect and refit them once they have been restored. They will be stripped back to bare aluminium, primed and re-painted, and returned to their original standard.

He added: “Thanks to everyone who has already donated and all who choose to help. If the target is not met, I will refurbish as many signs as I can, starting with the worst one first.”