A Powys teenager has become the youngest 'advanced' driver in the county, after passing an advanced driving course with a Mid-Wales motoring organisation.

At the tender age of just 17, Chloe Mills, from near Builth Wells, has become the youngest person to have ever passed the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving test with Mid Wales Advanced Motorists.

After passing her driving test at the start of 2018 she undertook the 'Pass Plus' course, which is provided through the road safety department of Powy’s County Council and provides driving experience not covered by the basic driving test.

"We are really proud of Chloe’s achievement, gained with the support of our qualified volunteer observers who over several weeks provided the on-road guidance to enable her to achieve the standard of driving required to take and pass the Institute of Advanced Motorist driving test," said Phil Jones, chairman of Mid Wales Advanced Motorists.

"It is a sad fact that statistics show that drivers between 17 and 19 are ten times more likely to have a crash and be killed in their vehicle, one in 5 have a crash in their first year, than drivers between aged between 35 and 54. Younger drivers tend to have supreme confidence in their ability and invincibility behind the wheel which is not born out by the statistics!

"We know by the response from our members that the course is highly beneficial in producing safer drivers and riders and that it benefits all who complete it. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident and safer on our single carriageway national speed limit roads which statistically are some of the most dangerous in the United Kingdom?" he added.

The charity says anyone wanting further details on their driver and motorcycle rider courses should contact Geoff Smith on 01597 823442 or visit the website http://www.mwam.btck.co.uk