FOR 50 years two people at the heart of their community have been supplying you with your County Times, along with other newspapers.

Mr Les Jones MBE and Community Champion Trudy Davies are pictured marking the 50th anniversary of the Llanidloes shop, now known as Woosnam and Davies Newsagents, that has been selling the County Times ‘your local newspaper for local community news’.

Both say they are so proud to have kept Llanidloes supplied with the most popular weekly local paper.

Les started selling newspapers from the store as an independent newsagent in 1968 and has raised thousands of pounds for his community work over the years, for which he was presented with MBE .

Trudy Davies has owned the store for well over 20 years and last year was awarded a Community Champion Award for the UK for her community work.

It is an independent shop with people at the heart of it.

Trudy says: “We are proud to say that we’re still independent after all these years and that the store is still very much ‘Heart of the Community’.

They would like to thank all at The County Times for always supporting both Les and Trudy's charitable and community projects. Always willing to inform members of the public and print their endeavours by highlighting the local news and events in Llanidloes over the last 50 years.

County Times editor Nick Knight said: "People like Trudy and Les are the beating heart of our communities.

"We are so luck to have people like them so committed to their town and Powys. We thank them for keeping our readers supplied with our paper for so many years."

Pictured: Les Jones MBE original proprietor and Trudy Davies the current owner.