TRAFFIC was disrupted as a protest demonstration to “Save our 553 bus service to Shrewsbury” was staged last Friday morning at the Kennels Bank crossroads.

Recommended subsidy cuts by Shropshire Council would result in the five buses a day run between the two towns by Minsterley Motors being reduced to just two.

About 70 residents arrived to shut the road down as planned with the A488 blockade going on for about two hours.

“Only one really irate lorry driver refused to stop and was prepared to menacingly use his vehicle to run us over if we didn’t move, and there was one car user who threw out a barrage of profanity and tried to scare us with a dangerous three-point turn manoeuvre.

“Apart from that, most road users were very supportive and turned round to find another route, so all good on the whole,” said protest leader Sarah Wilkinson.

Protesters were also planning to take the campaign to Shrewsbury Shire Hall on Wednesday, May 22, to lobby when councillors were due to take the decision on the subsidy cuts.