Councillor Janet Crisp is again mayor of Llanidloes after being appointed for a third term.

Her appointment was rubber-stamped at a Mayor Making ceremony in the Council Chamber on Friday, May 10.

Cllr Crisp wore a tricorn hat which was bequeathed to Llanidloes Town Council to be worn by Lady Mayors by the late Lady Hooson, a former Llanidloes Mayor and the wife of the late Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire, Lord Emlyn Hooson.

Councillors also expressed their appreciation after Cllr Crisp had paid for a new faux fur robe, after the previous robe had lasted from the 19th century until last year.

“I hope all the incoming mayors enjoy wearing it,” Cllr Crisp said of her new mayoral robe.

The Mayor will be joined by Cllr Edward Breeze as her deputy.