The source of the River Severn was the star of BBC Radio 3's Breakfast programme on Monday with a live broadcast coming from Hafren Forest.

Petroc Trelawny presented the classical music station's morning show live from Blaenhafren Falls, less than a mile from the source of Britain's longest river, calling it a "splendid spot to spend a Monday morning".

It was the launch of a week-long season on BBC Radio 3 called 'Along the River' which traces the River Severn's journey along with river related music.

The tumbling sounds of Blaenhafren Falls could be heard in the background while guests such as singer and songwriter Gwilym Bowen Rhys, storyteller Fiona Collins and conservationist Peter Powell explored the cultural heritage of the river as it begins its journey to the sea.

People from as far as Marrakech, in Morocco, contacted the programme saying how much they enjoyed listening to the special live edition from the Cambrian Mountains.

Petroc said it was a "beautiful drive" to Llanidloes, where the production team had stayed overnight, before visiting to the source of the Severn.

"It's hard to believe that something so tiny becomes something so vast," he said. "In the middle of nowhere, here is where UK's longest river, the birth of the River Severn.

"The great river that flows through the county towns of Shrewsbury, and Gloucester, and Worcester, under those majestic Severn bridges, then out into the Bristol Channel."