THE Indoor Market in Welshpool is now open for two fewer days a week after traders reported "challenges" delivering services over a six day week.

The market, situated in the town hall, was open from Monday right through to Sunday, from 9am until 4.30 in the spring/summer and until 4pm in the autumn/winter.

Now, the indoor market will open for four days: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The hours will stay the same.

Martin Bond, the deputy town clerk of Welshpool Town Council, said: "Traders reported challenges delivering consistent services over a six day week.

"It was felt that Welshpool residents would be better served by traders operating fewer days, while working to achieve higher standards of performance when open for business."

The decision by the council will be reviewed at the end of this year.

"It is the council's wish to re-establish the market as a consistent source of high quality artisan curios and local, regional and seasonal foods. The nature of produce and services available will be communicated to residents and visitors via regular marketing," Mr Bond added.

The town hall care, town hall public toilets and soon to be installed disabled changing room, or changes places toilet, will continue to be open fro six days a week from Monday to Saturday. These facilities can be accessed through the market when open or at the rear of the town hall from the Seven Stars Car Park on days when the market is closed.