AN URGENT S.O.S. to local people asking for help in any way they can to ensure Bishops Castle Carnival is held this year has been issued by the Carnival Committee.

With less than three months to the 2019 event date, carnival committee numbers are so small that the event could be under threat.

The carnival has been a date on the calendar since 1889 and this year will be a key date in that it’s 90 years since Alice Jones ruled over the town as the first ever carnival queen of Bishops Castle.

However, the carnival committee has become smaller year on year and committee chairman Josh Dicken said: “In the past few years we have lost a number of key people and those that are left are very busy people, all wanting to do their best.

"But it is looking very doubtful that we will be able to put on an event this year without more hands on deck.

"By now we should have chosen and announced who is the carnival prince and princess along with who takes on the role of carnival queen and unfortunately we haven’t been able to organise this.

"We are hoping by putting out this call now that the town value the carnival enough to step up and lend a hand.

"It is becoming overwhelming, however if a few people were able to take bits off our hands it would guarantee the event going ahead,” said Josh.

The committee will be organising a meeting shortly to decide what to do about the day.

The theme has been agreed of "TV through the ages" and the date for the carnival if it goes ahead is Sunday, July 7.

Karen Bavastock, former Mayor of Bishops Castle, said: “It would be such a shame to see the carnival end, a tradition which has been part of the towns fabric for so long and I know the committee have wanted help for a few years now however this year is so much worse and I know that Josh and the small committee left will try and put something on.

"But without support in the coming weeks it’s is unlikely to be anything like the town has seen in other years. I truly hope that people do step forward and offer the committee help, however big or small”.

If anyone is willing to help, contact Josh on 07530 691106.