“Words fail me, they really do...” a coroner told the family of a teenager at an inquest.

Welshpool schoolboy Samuel Liam Spears, 14, was found hanging in his home on Christmas Eve and despite efforts to save him he later died at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

An inquest into his death took place at Welshpool on Friday where it was concluded “tragically” that “no-one will ever know” why Samuel came to his death.

Ian Boyes, assistant coroner for the South Wales Central Area, said he was “sorry to meet” Samuel’s family in such circumstances and gave them his “sincere condolences”.

“Words fail me, they really do,” he said.

Mr Boyes said there were three potential conclusions for him to reach, adding people’s first thoughts might be that Samuel had committed suicide.

“I will explain why that may not be the case,” he said.

The inquest heard Samuel’s brother Daniel was the first to find him.

A friend of his brother, helped to try to revive Samuel.

She checked for a pulse and could not see any movement and started chest compressions with instructions from 999 until paramedics took over, the inquest heard.

And another friend, gave mouth-to-mouth to Samuel.

Samuel’s father, Gareth, said there was “no sign” that his son might want to end his life, the inquest heard, adding he “came home from school crying once”.

He said they “enjoyed each other’s company” and that “life will not be the same without him”.

The inquest heard Samuel had made Google searches relating to his death.

The assistant coroner said with the “absence of reason or any note, or anything which provides any insight”, the teenager’s death was “not one of suicide”.

“The act was deliberate. No-one else was involved,” he said.

However, Mr Boyes was “not satisfied he did so with the intention of taking his own life”.

Mr Boyes was also unable to give a conclusion of misadventure as there was no evidence that it was a “prank gone wrong”.

Mr Boyes said the only conclusion “which fits” was an open conclusion.

He said it was “tragic” that “no-one will ever know” why Samuel died.

“I’m afraid in this case we will never know,” he said.

And Mr Boyes told Daniel’s family: “There’s nothing I can say to make this any easier for you.”

‘Sam will be missed by all’ at school

Welshpool High School has paid tribute to Sam Spears following the conclusion of an inquest into his death. The school said that people thought “highly” of him and that he will be “missed by all”.

A statement said: “Both staff and pupils of Welshpool High School thought highly of Sam.

“Sharing memories, thoughts and funny stories in the book of condolence demonstrated how much he will be missed by us all.”

“Pupils continue to be offered support through our pastoral, health and counselling services.”