KNIGHTON pensioner Angie Zelter was among over 1,000 people arrested as part of a climate demonstration which brought London to a standstill last week.

The 76-year-old spent seven hours in a cell at Brixton Police Station before she was released and immediately re-joined the protests, which were part of a week long action by protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR).

The XR group disrupted traffic in the capital, with protestors blocking roads and attaching themselves to rail transport, and had indicated it would escalate the protest until the government reverses “all policies inconsistent with addressing climate change”, and introduces policies which reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025. However, it has since called a halt to the action which was due to finish yesterday (Thursday, April 25).

Kington XR group joined the occupation of Oxford Circus and took the first night shift from 1am to 7am on Tuesday morning, April 16, the second day of the protests. Members of the group then locked themselves to the ‘Tell the Truth’ boat moored in the middle of Oxford Circus.

County Times:

Ms Zelter said she planned on remaining in London with the protesters for the time being.

“When I was released I came straight back out and went around all the four places where the blockades were still held and checked where they needed more support.” she said.

“I went back to a friend’s house, had a rest then came and joined here at Oxford Circus this morning.

“I plan on being here for at least two weeks. If I get arrested again, so be it.”

XR proposes setting up Citizens’ Assemblies throughout the UK, to help different institutions to work together, transcending party politics and taking real action to halt the ongoing destruction of landscapes, habitats and ecosystems. If no action is taken, the situation for future generations is “bleak and terrifying”, the group said.

Janet Barker from Llangammarch Wells, a member of Abergavenny and Brecon XR, said the protesters were “deeply committed.”

“It’s incredible, over 400 have been arrested for peacefully protesting and yet even more are coming down to replace them,” she said.

“I am surrounded by people who are deeply committed and care so much for the future that we are prepared to do whatever it takes.

“I recently went to see my MP to ask him to do more on climate change but was then disappointed to find that he hadn’t even attended the Parliamentary debate on the subject.

“Now all we can do is resort to civil disobedience.”