A VIDEO campaign promoting Llanfair Caereinion has been released through a collaboration between the secondary school and town council.

The ‘We Are Caereinion Ydyn Ni’ campaign was filmed on location at Caereinion High School and stars current and past pupils, staff and members of the town council.

The joint-funded video was released on social media on April 9 and it shows drone footage of the town and the school, along with a range of activities that the school has to offer such as science experiments and sport while pupils recite inspirational and motivational quotes.

Llanfair Caereinion Town Council have donated £1,500 towards funding the video production by Cardiff-based Like an Egg Productions who have shot promotional videos for Cardiff Blues Ladies Rugby, Welsh Water and Atlantic College; one of the best colleges in Wales.

“It’s time the light shone again on Llanfair,” said Chair of Llanfair Caereinion Town Council Cllr Kate Roberts, “it’s been switched off for too long.”

Cllr Cadvan Evans said the campaign is a step further towards strengthening ties between the community and the school.

He said: “It’s nice that the town council has a good connection with the school , and the school is connected with the community. “It’s much better for the whole of Llanfair,” Cllr Evans added.

Cllr Ian Davies said: “It’s good to see the enthusiasm in the school for wanting to be part of the community and to show what it has to offer.

“I think with all the cuts hovering over, it’s easy to forget what the school does. I think it’s good to stop hiding the light under a bushel.”

Headteacher Phil Jones says the campaign is about linking the school with the community.

“You can’t work in isolation. Unless you’re collaborative, success is not sustainable.

“We want to get the school into the town, not geographically, but we want to be in the heart of heart it.

“The video is timeless; even though you’ve got pupils there, what they’re saying is far more important.”

The video campaign is available to watch and share from Caereinion High School’s social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.