Businesses from across Mid Wales have taken the first major step in developing the vision for a Mid Wales Growth Deal.

Forty businesses, representative organisations and charitable trusts met in three workshops in early April to start the process and to look at how a potential £200 million of funding could be spent.

The growth deal workshops were led by the private sector and facilitated by the Growing Mid Wales Partnership. A series of discussions took place over the three events to discuss ways of boosting the Mid Wales economy.

Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn, Leader of Ceredigion County Council, said: “Businesses from across Mid Wales have had the chance to discuss in detail how £200 million of funding can be used to help transform the Mid Wales economy. This is only the first step in securing a Growth Deal for Mid Wales, but it’s an exciting one.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the vision progress. I’m also hopeful that it turns into real funding that will have a positive impact on the economy and communities of Mid Wales.”

The main aim of the Growing Mid Wales Partnership’s economic action plan is to drive economic growth and deliver a transformative change in the Mid Wales economy over the next 15 years. The action plan will be delivered through a range of funding sources including the potential Mid Wales Growth Deal. Support from businesses is vital to achieve the aims of the action plan.

Cllr Rosemarie Harris, Leader of Powys County Council, said: “We are at the start of a really exciting journey which could have a huge impact on our regional economy, benefitting the population of Powys and Ceredigion.

“With support from the private sector and public sector partners we are looking to deliver significant economic opportunities and growth throughout Mid Wales. The journey will not be easy but we have a clear vision and a determination to succeed.”

Two workshops were held in Llandrindod Wells and a third was held in Aberystwyth.

More workshops are planned for the near future, with the intention of getting a broad involvement from businesses into forming the vision for the growth deal.