A FORMER kick boxing champion, who suffered catastrophic injuries in a works accident, has appeared from custody in court and admitted assaulting his own mother and causing damage at the family home.

A weekend court was told that the case of Rhys Michael Gear, 19, was a very sad one and that his parents had only contacted the police in the hope that he would get the assistance he needed.

Gear, of Poynter's End in Llansantffraid, was bailed by magistrates on condition that he has no contact with his parents, Andrew and Alison Gear.

Pending sentence at Welshpool Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, he must live with his grandparents, at Market Drayton.

At North East Wales Magistrates' Court at Mold, he admitted that last week he assaulted his mother by pushing her, two criminal damage charges and resisting police.

Prosecutor, Nicola Wyn Williams, said that on Tuesday the father received a call at work to say that the defendant was kicking off and had damaged kitchen units. When he returned home, he found three had

been damaged. Two of them were "in bits".

On Thursday, he became abusive with his mother, calling her foul names, and he threw a dumbell at a glass shelf in his bedroom, causing it to shatter.

As his mother took a laptop out of the room, so that he did not damage it, he pushed her back with both hands, but she was not injured.

He kicked the door shut.

When police arrived, he told them to f... off and would not engage with them.

He struggled on arrest and had to be taken to the ground.

Interviewed, he admitted what he had done and said that he had pushed his mother away for her own safety, because he could not control his temper.

It was his parents' view that he needed help.

He had no previous convictions but had been cautioned last year for damage.

The defendant had broken his back two years ago, he was deaf in one ear, he was on long term sick and on a lot of medication.

It had changed his mental health.

He could become aggressive and tearful within seconds and had memory loss, the prosecutor explained. There was a suggestion that he used cannabis and more recently cocaine.

She said the parents needed help in looking after him and felt they were unable to control him.

Defending solicitor Gary Harvey said that it was a sad and tragic case of a pleasant young man, who while working as a plasterer, fell 13 feet.

He damaged his spinal chord and had pressure on the brain.

"When he becomes angry he cannot stop himself. There is nothing he can do," he explained.

He had been a sportsman and was a kick boxing champion.

The defendant had previously won in his age group at the world championships in America.

He had a promising career as a kick boxer and as a plasterer, but following the accident, he had been left frustrated.

Gear had taken drugs for a while but had distanced himself from others who took drugs and no longer had a phone.

"He knows it did not help him," Mr Harvey said.

The defendant was upset at what he had heard in court.

Mr Harvey said the parents did not want their son prosecuted but wanted him to get the help he needed.

Magistrates approved a bail package agreed by the prosecution and defence and said that he would be interviewed by the probation service before sentence at Welshpool on Tuesday.