A WELSHPOOL man swore, punched and spat at police officers in “serious” assaults, a court heard.

Nicholas Gary Price, 27, of Oldford View, faced a number of charges at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Three of these charges were for assaulting police and two for resisting police officers.

On October 25, Price became “abusive” and “aggressive” after officers found his car without tax in Newtown, said Helen Tench, prosecuting.

He extensively swore at the two officers, PC Astley and PC Rutter, the court heard.

PC Rutter tried to take his arm, but he punched down on his fist and then threw three punches towards the officer.

The officers were left with swelling and bruising, the prosecution said.

On November 5, after police officers stopped the defendant’s vehicle, he spat at an officer, Ms Tench told the court.

Ms Tench read out a statement from Chief Constable Collins to the court, in which he said assaults on police officers should “never be accepted” and “cannot be tolerated”. He said that these incidents put additional strain on other members of staff, magistrates heard.

There are 180 assaults on police officers a year, resulting in 125 sick days, which has an impact on community policing, he said.

Robert Hanratty, defending, said Jones had “problems with impulsivity and anger”.

Mr Hanratty said that Jones had “educational limitations” and “emotional and communicational defects”.

Mr Hanratty said that on October 25, the defendant had said “inappropriate words” to the officers, the court heard.

He commended PC Astley for calming the situation.

“Both of the officers don’t take on the job to take on that type of behaviour,” he said.

He also said that the defendant spitting was a “disgusting act” which caused concern for police officers as they could contract “all sorts of diseases”, magistrates heard.

Chair of the bench, Dr Rachel Jones, said the assaults were “serious” and happened to officers on their “normal duty” in a “public place”.

However, magistrates gave Price a four-month prison sentence, suspended by 18 months.

He has also been stripped of his driving licence after receiving six points for having no insurance, when he already had 11 points on his licence.

Price was ordered to pay a total of £735, including three lots of £100 compensation to the police officers.

Price was also charged with attempted possession of amphetamine, which he admitted.