DISABLED drivers and passengers who hold Blue Badges will need to make sure that they know the date to renew them.

Due to costs, Powys County Council (PCC), has said that it will not be sending out letters reminding Blue Badge holders of their renewal date.

The Liberal Democrat and Green Group has asked that the Independent/Conservative Ruling Group to re-think this decision.

This is because the Lib Dem/Green group believes that Blue Badge holders could lose their permits without realising.

Cllr James Gibson-Watt, Leader of the Lib Dem/Greens, said: “In the first place, I want to make sure that Blue Badge holders are aware that reminder letters will no longer be sent.

“The change doesn’t seem to have been advertised properly and there is a real risk that people’s permits will expire without them realising. I’m also urging the Cabinet to reconsider this change.

“Concerns have been raised with me about what the changes will mean for Blue Badge holders, it may become an unnecessary barrier that prevents people who need help from getting it.”

A spokesperson for PCC said: “We no longer send out reminders due to the costs associated with posting out the reminder letters.

“It is up to the blue badge holder to ensure that they have a valid blue badge, which has the expiry date printed on the badge.”

Moves to charge Blue Badge holders for parking in council owned car parks were part of the discussion surrounding this year’s Budget.

A consultation into the changes was held in the summer of 2018.

It was thought that having Blue Badge holders pay for parking in PCC run Car Parks would have saved the authority £100,000 a year.

Eventually plans for charging Blue Badges were dropped.