PLANS for 55 affordable homes in Llandrindod Wells were passed by Powys County Council’s (PCC)  planning committee, despite public opposition to the proposals.

At land to the west of Ithon Road and east of Holcombe Drive, Newydd Housing Association now has permission to build:

  • 18 – one bedroom flats,
  • 18 – two bedroom houses,
  • 11 – two bedroom bungalows,
  • four – two bedroom adapted bungalows
  • four – three bedroom houses

The land is part of a site that has been earmarked for 122 homes in the Local Development Plan (LDP).

Powys County Councillor for Llandrindod North, Gary Price (non-aligned) spoke against the proposal and said that many residents had not been formally notified.

Cllr Price said: “Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water have stated that capacity does not exist at the waste water treatment works, but a scheme is due to be completed by March 31, 2020 and this will overcome the issue of capacity.

“We all know programme works do slip beyond completion dates.”

Cllr Price advised the committee to  amend conditions to any consent that people don’t move in,  until the work at the waste water treatment work has been completed.”

Caroline Stokes who represented the Holcombe Drive residents, said: “We object to the proposals for many reasons.

“The scale of the development is not proportionate and will increase the strain on already stretched services and facilities.

“We feel the applicants have addressed objections raised by statutory consulted, but have completely ignored and disregarded the public feeling on this with no intention to compromise.”

Llandrindod Wells Town Council had objected to the application at a meeting in February.

It was represented  at the planning meeting by town councillor Allan Curtis.

Cllr Curtis pointed out that the mix of development was “not suitable” and raised road safety concerns.

Agent Barrie Davies of Asbri architects, on behalf of the developers, said: “This is a relatively straightforward application.

“The site forms part of a larger allocation and the principle of development has been accepted.

Mr Davies said that there was a growing need for accommodation in Llandrindod Wells and that there are 222 people in the town on the housing list.

Mr Davies added: “Due to the comments of the town council I have to say if I was one of the 222 local resident, I would feel incredibly let down by the town council for listening to the objections of a privileged few and not the needs of the town they should be serving.”

Cllr Jon Williams (Independent – Llandrindod Wells East/West) said: “I know this site very well.

“Development is needed in Llandrindod, but it has to be in the right areas.”

“We’re often  told that we have to look at the application in front of us.

“Reading through (the application) it does say that the waste treatment works will not be able to cope with the development.

“In March 2020 it might be able to, if all the work is done.

“Looking at this how it is today, I can’t see how I could go with it.”

Planning control manager, Gwilym Davies, said that if the application was refused the council could lose at appeal.

Cllr E Michael Jones (Independent – Old Radnor) said: “We have heard the concerns of the local population and I think they have been answered very clearly.

“This is an allocated site. A lot of these concerns should have been raised as part of the LDP process, I move to accept the officers’ recommendations.”

The application was passed unanimously.