THE family of missing Newtown man Sean Miller say “we just want him found”, as they made a heartfelt appeal for fresh leads following the 22-year-old’s disappearance.

Mr Miller’s brother, Justin, and sister, Natasha, issued fresh calls for any information that could lead to the whereabouts of Sean and say even the tiniest piece of detail which someone could remember from the night could be crucial.

Piecing together his movements on the night of Friday, February 1, through to the early hours of Saturday, February 2, when Sean was last seen on a night out in Newtown, Natasha said her brother was enjoying a normal night out with friends up until his disappearance.

“He saw my mum on the first of February, asked for some money, she transferred £35 from the bank, and he went to the pub with his friends,” she said.

“It seemed like he was having a good time, he had a dance, he went out for a cigarette and some fresh air and came back in.

“From the stills, from what we’ve seen of the footage, it seemed like a normal night out for Sean, hugging people, laughing and joking.

“We gather he left just to go home and that’s the way he was walking.”

Sean’s whereabouts from that moment on are a mystery, his family having raised the alarm after he didn’t arrive at his mum’s birthday party several days later.

“He’s ceased all activity a person would need to live a life from that day onwards. No bank, no social media, that’s it really,” said Sean’s brother Justin.

“They found a trainer in brambles and later they found his jacket, and that’s really all we have from Sean that night.”

Now Sean’s family say they’re hoping for any leads that could help with the police investigation into the disappearance of the happy, gentle 22-year-old who they say “wouldn’t hurt a fly” and help them to established what happened to him.

They say Sean had suffered from some social anxiety, but was an avid Parkour enthusiast with “his whole life in front of him” .

“It’s been strange. Every night when I go to bed now I’m thinking ‘is this actually happening still?’ and it’s like I can’t really process it,” said Natasha.

“We just want him found. The evidence indicates that he is in the river, but you do hold on to something that he’s not and you just hope he’s okay.

“At this point we just want to know what’s happened,” added Justin.

“Even if he’s not with us any more, we’d like to know - rather than just wondering what’s happened to him.

“Finding out what’s happened to him would give us a lot of closure, and that’s all we want.”

The family has asked that anyone wishing to help financially to make a donation to Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, in recognition of their efforts over the past month.